Music on microSD Cards – can you say “MiniDisc” or just “Bad Idea”?

The announcement that four labels have joined forces with SanDisk to market and sell music albums on microSD cards came as no surprise. This is just the continuation of the misunderstanding record companies have about the relationship between customers and their music.

Why would anyone pay more for an album on a microSD card than on iTunes when they are used to getting the music online, saving it to their memory stick or CD, and mix and matching songs and artists?

One of the driving forces behind iTunes is the ability to download individual songs and not have to use some medium (other than iPod) to lug around in order to listen to the music. Imagine how the microSD cards will get lost in backpacks, car seats, among the paper stacks or in old pizza boxes. We’ve been wrong before, but this one we are pretty sure is not going to fly.

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