Nokia in the news this morning

Nokia is expected to unveil a high-profile touch-screen phone, known by gadget aficionados as the “Tube,” at an event on Thursday.

In launching the device, the world’s largest handset maker by shipments takes its stab at Apple’s iPhone, which set off a wave of copycat devices that attempted to emulate its sleek user interface. Nokia is the last of the major handset makers to put out a touch-screen cellphone.

The device, which will be called the Nokia 5800, emphasizes music first and is more of a multimedia player than a full-blown smart phone. Key to the device will be Nokia’s Comes With Music software, which takes on Apple’s iTunes store.

Motorola Inc. has its Ming product in China. Sony Ericsson plans to launch its Xperia X1, and Research In Motion Ltd. is working on a touch-screen BlackBerry. []

….this is going to be exciting to follow….

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One thought on “Nokia in the news this morning

  1. Dave says:

    That phone is awesome. Move over iphone. Nokia was bound to step it up sooner or later.

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