The challenge with hydrogen vehicular development

Scientific American editor Steven Ashley test drives a car that may be the future of automotive transportation-if cost, technology and infrastructure problems can be resolved.

A Lamborghini Murciélago zips by as we cruise through central New Jersey on Route 78 West. My fellow motorists watch the sleek, $350,000 roadster until it slips out of sight but pay no mind to our tidy, four-door sedan. The only clues that our car is at all unusual are its exterior badges, its ultraquiet operation and a faint but persistent compressor whine. In reality, however, our 2008 Honda FCX Clarity is a potentially revolutionary vehicle: hydrogen fills its gas tank and powers its fuel cell. Read article on

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One thought on “The challenge with hydrogen vehicular development

  1. John Bryson says:

    Yep, this technology is really just around the corner from doing away with the whole reliance on oil for motorized vehicles of all kinds. It will be a massive relief to the worlds CO2 levels when we finally get there.

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