Unhappy people watch the most TV

Happy people spend more free hours socializing, reading and participating in religious activities, while unhappy people watch 30 percent more television, according to new research on American life.

In a study that is among the first to compare daily free-time activities with perceptions of personal contentment, researchers found that television hours were elevated for people who described themselves as “not too happy.” On average, the down-and-out reported an extra 5.6 hours of tube time a week, compared with their happiest counterparts. Full article

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One thought on “Unhappy people watch the most TV

  1. Lance says:

    My wife and I got rid of our television 13 years ago, right after the birth of our first son, and we haven’t missed it. I long ago abandoned the idea that TV is evil, but this study certainly seems to support the idea that it is yet another activity that is enjoyable and perhaps even useful in moderation, yet problematic in large doses.

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