GM: Perceptions vs Reality

We got a lot of comments on the Fareed Zakaria story last week. We think this article deserves attention to, so here we go: Warren Brown at the Washington Post starts out:

Perception is everything, or almost everything.

If anything is to be learned from Detroit’s beg-fest on Capitol Hill, it’s at least that much.

Perception influences reality.

Thus we have the General Motors “confession,” its “commitment to the American people” published on the second page of the Dec. 8 edition of Automotive News, an industry trade journal. It presents an object lesson in perception versus reality.

Reality: The “confession” is a rehash of sins committed by a GM that existed 20 years ago, stupidities so enormous — pathetic product quality, dismal marketing techniques, all trumped by corporate arrogance — they opened the ports to foreign competition and paved the way for defections of generations of American consumers to Toyota, Nissan and Honda.

But you should really read the entire article – especially if you commented on the post about Fareed. Warren goes on with ten or so “Perceptions vs Reality.” Some of them might surprise you.

Full article

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