Is your tomato tagged?

Someday all our products will be tagged with RFIDs and we will be able to leave a store without taking out giving our purchases to the sales clerk or producing a form of payment. The state of adoption of this technology has been slow:

From ABI

For years, RFID suppliers have been touting their new technology as the replacement for bar codes. The promise has been enhanced ability to monitor and manage warehousing and inventory.Yet target clients have been slow to adopt RFID because of the cost.

According to ABI Research, consumers goods manufacturers are poised to invest in these systems – in large part because Wal-Mart has made RFID systems a mandatory part of doing business.

ABI Research analysts also predict a 20% growth in the market for intelligent tags, readers and related software systems between 2008 and 2013.

Here’s where retail consumer goods manufacturers stand when it comes to shifting inventory tracking to RFID:

  • Not Using AND Have Never Piloted/ Evaluated 43.2%
  • Not Using BUT Have Piloted/ Evaluated 13.5%
  • System Installed 21.7%
  • System Installed AND Piloting/ Evaluating Additional Applications 5.4%
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One thought on “Is your tomato tagged?

  1. Kwame says:

    RFID is a technological solution to cost control. It saves time and money. It will be a system that is going to separate the real business men from the wanna-be business men; its that simple. Other companies should take Wal-Mart as an example of success.

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