Reaching automotive consumers online

We recently completed a study on how automotive dealers reach consumers online.

After looking at 2,400 search results from 148 different website builders in 20 markets across 12 brands, we discovered two companies performed significantly better than their competitors with over a third of the top placement results being from their clients. This is significant since 42% of all clicks on a Google search page is on the first listed result.

Download the report here

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6 thoughts on “Reaching automotive consumers online

  1. Tony Gardner says:

    I think everyone who reads this study would be curious as to who provided the funding for the study? You are a for-profit organization, so it would be more credible to the study if you could disclose who funded your research.


  2. sorgenfrei says:

    Thanks Tony. funded the study to verify whether or not they performed as well as they thought they did. They are now obviously using it for marketing purposes and allowed us to post it here as well.

    Let us know if you have any questions about methodology – we’d be happy to walk you through how we conducted the searches and arrived at the ranking.

  3. Steve Crim says:

    What kind of search terms were used to validate thier position? (Like Toyota Camry Turnersville)

    Who provided the terms?

    Many thanks…

  4. sorgenfrei says:

    Thanks Steve.

    We searched for Toyota Dealer New York City or Chrysler Dealer Seattle, etc.

    We provided the search terms based on the premise that the consumer was looking for a dealer to go test drive with or see the vehicle at.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

  5. Steve Crim says:

    The vast majority of searches, about 80 percent are done for the dealer’s name. People go to google and type in a dealers name of some version of it.

    The terms that are most beneficial to a dealer have to do with the product in their geolocation Like Toyota Camry Turnersville or Used Toyota Camry Turnersville.

    Depending on the brands, terms and geolocations almost anyone could float to the top as the number one web developer.

    Although car dealers are easily swayed by reports, what they really need are sites that can deliver traffic and convert leads.

    A report that showed dealer sites with make/model geo located terms would be most beneficial but I suspect that none of the big web developers would float to the top.

    By the way, most of the sites in the search you provided “Chrysler Dealer Seattle” are Motorwebs sites. They along with companies like Jazel are doing all the right things and yet weren’t mentioned in the report.

    Automotive Search Visibility is a passion for me and has been for more than a decade.


  6. sorgenfrei says:

    Thanks Steve.

    A study on the efficiency of site builders, where we look at the vehicle model level is in store. Some of the OEMs are interested in exploring how they can support regional dealers with a national set of builders and they acknowledge that there might be regional differences in performance.

    Your comment about Seattle and Motorwebs: You are correct – Motorwebs did well for Chrysler there – just not enough to register in the aggregated data and thus make it into the report.

    There were several smaller builders around the country that did well for certain brands in certain markets. We have spoken to some of the builders that were interested in their performance and shared data points.

    Thanks again for your comments.

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