The future of the web is small

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On Eric Karjaluoto writes:

I have a theory. It could prove incorrect or even shortsighted, nevertheless, it’s a bet I’m willing to make. I think businesses on the web are going to get a lot smaller. In the web world, we’re currently experiencing the fallout of the second of two tidal waves. The next one, however, will be slower, more distributed, and come with far less of a shock.

Panning for gold
The last two surges have been exciting at times and harrowing at others. I’d characterize it as largely bulimic, contrasting ridiculous excesses against severe slashing. The most recent web gold-rush perhaps didn’t seem as profoundly exaggerated as the first, but it was still founded on the notion of endless wealth and massive payouts. Hence, many people started small companies in their garages with hopes that their operations would gain traction and ultimately be purchased by the one of the big guys.

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