A5 – not the Audi coupe – this one can fly

Ever want to fly an aircraft without having to go through the whole training that aspiring pilots need to endure? Introduce yourself to ICON Aircraft. This California based start up has successfully completed Phase 1 of flight testing of their light sport aircraft, dubbed the A5, whose first delivery is slated for late 2010.

Icon A5The 2 seater aircraft will wow flight enthusiasts with the sleek design from both the outside and the inside. In addition to foldable wings which allows the owner to store it their garage, its interior is designed to have the look and feel of a sports car.

Those worried about safety can rest assure that in case of any emergency, a parachute can be deployed which will allow the plane to float to the ground.

With the FAA creating a new category of aircraft known as the Light Sport Aircraft and a new pilot license category known as Sport Pilot, the stage has been set for consumer recreational flyers. The estimated training cost to become a sports pilot ranges from $2,800-$3,500.

Selling for approximately $139,000, the A5 already has an order list that exceeds 350. Information regarding annual maintenance cost is not available. However, if one can afford the A5, we doubt that the annual maintenance cost will not be an issue, even in light of the current economic environment.

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