Solar panel cost drops to $1 per watt

From Popular Mechanics:

A long-sought solar milestone was eclipsed last week, when Tempe, Ariz.–based First Solar Inc. announced that the manufacturing costs for its thin-film photovoltaic panels had dipped below $1 per watt for the first time. With comparable costs for standard silicon panels still hovering in the $3 range, it’s tempting to conclude that First Solar’s cadmium telluride (CdTe) technology has won the race.


But if we’re concerned about the big picture (scaling up solar until it’s a cheap and ubiquitous antidote to global warming and foreign oil) a forthcoming study from the University of California–Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory suggests that neither material has what it takes compared to lesser-known alternatives such as—we’re not kidding—fool’s gold.

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2 thoughts on “Solar panel cost drops to $1 per watt

  1. Sun Yi says:

    Does that mean we’re likely to see more people taking to Solar powered systems in the near future?

  2. sorgenfrei says:

    Probably not in the near future as many of the systems for the home still have a not insignificant installation cost – but we are headed in the right direction

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