Online advertising less effective than perceived?

According to a recent study by McPheters & Company comparing the effectiveness of ads on television, in magazines, and on the internet magazines effectively delivered more than twice the number of ad impressions as TV and more than 6 times those delivered online within a half hour time frame spent with the medium.

Though TV doesn’t deliver as many ads per half hour as do magazines, net recall of TV ads was almost twice that of magazine ads; magazines in turn had ad recall almost three times that of Internet banner ads

85% of Internet ads served appeared on-screen and could be identified by brand

Among web users, 63% of banner ads were not seen. Respondents’ eyes passed over 37% of the Internet ads and stopped on slightly less than a third

For Internet ads, almost all net recall could be attributed to ads that were seen

Internet video ads appeared much less frequently than banner ads, and their exposure skewed heavily towards young men. When they did appear they were twice as likely to be seen as banner ads.

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