Results: Twitter Brand Survey – Spring Study

In the fall we conducted a short survey with Warren Sukernek on Brand Perception on Twitter. Survey was very well received, so we decided to do a follow-up survey in May. This time we surveyed 208 people with 6 questions regarding interacting with brands. The full results are here. A couple of key insights:

1)    Not surprisingly, most users (97%) agree that brands should engage their customers on Twitter. This is 8 percentage points higher than the fall survey. Clearly Twitter users want to engage with their brands. We are accustomed to communicating with companies on Twitter.

2)    The majority also have a better impression of brands that use Twitter for customer service (88%). This is 7 percentage points higher than the original survey.

3)    Proper usage of Twitter however, is paramount as 90% of users would frown upon poor or inappropriate brand use of Twitter. This is equivalent to the results found in the original survey.


4)    The power of a relationship is extremely strong on Twitter. 80% of respondents would recommend a company based on their presence on Twitter, a huge 20 percentage point increase from the prior survey and 84% of Twitter users will reward those brands they have key relationships by being more willing to purchase from them. This was a 5 percentage point increase from the original survey.

5)    Influencers: More than 80% of respondents have 100+ followers and almost 35% of respondents have posted more than 1000 Tweets since they signed up for the service. 

Full report

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