Having a baby saves you money?

No, babies are still frighteningly expensive, however according to a recent study by psychologists in Scotland, pretending to be a proud parent of a new-born can save you money and possibly even your identity!

40 wallets with a picture of a baby inside were planted around the streets of Edinburgh and a surprising 88 per cent of these were returned to the “owners”. Doctor Wiseman who led the study said that the photograph of a baby “kicked off a caring feeling in people”. Wallets were also planted with pictures of a puppies, families and elderly couples – apparently the “caring feeling” isn’t as affective when we see these images as the return rate was 53, 48 and 28 per cent respectively. 

The wallets used in this study contained no money whatsoever. At the risk of sounding cynical, it would be interesting to run the study again with a few hundred dollars in each wallet!

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