Social Street Cred

There are 14.7 million people in the USA who are currently unemployed (June 09 statistic). That’s enough to keep any jobseeker awake. Well in addition to late nights perfecting the perfect resume, cover letter and (hopefully) outfit for the interview, now you’ll need to start worrying about perfecting your “social street cred” in order to land the job.

It’s old news that employers will Google you, check you out on LinkedIn, see what you’re doing on Facebook and Twitter – we’ve all prepped ourselves for that. However, Best Buy have taken this to the next level and actually set social media criteria that a candidate for Director of Emerging Markets must meet. They require a minimum of 250 followers on Twitter. This is highlighting a new trend of organizations putting emphasis on hiring candidates who not only fit in with their corporate culture, but who also have a great understanding of social business.

To improve your “social street cred”, it’s important not only to have an online presence in the aforementioned social media sites, but to think about your consistency of image across the sites. How frequent and effective are your threads? And how does your content reflect the type of roles you’re applying for? Address these questions before applying and you have a good chance of being ahead of the game.

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