Free rental cars for flexible travelers

Rental companies often need to move cars from a to b and it’s safe to say that universally, people like free “anything”. This is where Transfercar steps in. The New Zealand company works with the car rental industry, posting lists of cars which they need transporting from a to b. Drivers can either check the website for availability, or enter preferential journeys and be notified by text when cars become available.

Although all journeys begin and end at a rental company’s specified location, the lure of free rental, often with free insurance, free ferry and sometimes even free fuel is enough to attract money savvy travelers to venture slightly off their planned routes.

The idea was born when Espen, one of the founders was working part time at Ace Rentals. He began to notice a trend in large amounts of money being spent on relocation of cars from one branch to another.

Transfercar are currently in the process of raising capital to expand their operation in Australia and the USA. Let’s hope they’re successful.

Check out their site

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