Crowdfunding forests

“Forget Wall Street, invest in interdependence” is the message from Driftless Farm founders. Thought to be one of the first examples of a community supported forest, Driftless Farm in Stoddard, WI uses a crowdfunding model to ensure the sustainability of its 140-acre forest. Members pay an annual fee of $550 dollars and in return are granted access to designated resources, events and workshops and have the opportunity to forge their own unique role within the forest. They also have unlimited access to the forest itself, where they can hike, camp, explore, scavenge firewood or simply sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Driftless Farm was launched a few months ago by Whole Trees Architecture and Construction, and already has four of its twenty memberships taken.

Forest owners often see their land as a tax burden and therefore have little economic incentive to keep it as a forest. Instead, more financial benefit can be found by clearing the land and using it for grazing or development. However, the global climate crisis is calling out for us to use our resources more wisely and to nurture and replenish our forests. So with its foundations in sustainability, let’s hope that Drifless Farm is the first of many Community Supported Forests to come.

Check out their website

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