As you know, we are close watchers of crowdsourcing, and the interest in emerging companies like Crowdbands continues to build.

However, our friend Dan Sieger took crowdsourcing to a strange place yesterday when he asked his Facebook friends to vote on his vacation beard.  As you’ll see from the picture below, it was kind of a scraggly beard, but we’ve certainly seen worse.  He paraphrased the Clash when he asked people about the beard: “Should it stay or should it go?”
Dan Sieger beard
Dan posted the picture at 5:38, on the train home, and by 5:41, the responses were rolling in.  Early returns pointed to the beard’s survival, but the tide turned quickly, and by 10:32, there were 16 responses, most of which recommended giving the beard the Gillette treatment.  The vote was 12 for “Go!”, six for “Stay!” and one guy who just couldn’t make up his mind.

According to Dan: “The final straw was when my friend Eric from Vermont voted to get rid of the beard.  Eric is a passionate Deadhead and wonderful free spirit.  If a Vermont Deadhead wants you to get rid of your beard, that’s a bad sign.”

Dan is clean-shaven now.  It has yet to be determined whether he will use Facebook to vote on whether he should get the steak or the Chilean Sea Bass at his brother’s wedding on Saturday night.

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One thought on “Beardsourcing?

  1. baccarat_guy says:

    This is too funny,
    and I really was amused by this post originally on Dan’s Facebook.

    A similar request was rendered last week by a friend, while @ Dinner @ Wing Lei (Wynn Las Vegas – Michelin 1* Chinese Restaurant) — of which, the friend was looking for an immediate answer :

    Question :

    choices were :
    Veuve Clicquot la Grande Dame Rosé (1998)
    PJ Belle Epoque Rosé (2002)

    Of course, I responded immediately with the Veuve Clicquot!

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