Are we sharing too much information online?

As social media continues to play a bigger role in mainstream culture, we once again assess if we’re actually sharing too much information online. Jennifer Maderazo, in an article she wrote two years ago, Are We Sharing Too Much Information via Social Media?, says “for all of its positive points, social media might also entice users (including me) into lowering our guard and sharing too much of ourselves with an audience of unknown observers”. She explains how the question “What are you doing?“, a statement used on family and friends is nearing its obsolescence in utility because people broadcast, for the whole world to see-what they do, think about or feel online all the time. Even if not everyone in your personal or professional network use social networks, the sheer number of those who do makes you think if social networking is a platform people patronize that exchanges privacy for the sheer pleasure of getting attention.

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