LGBT Toyota Owners in the U.S.

In March of 2009, we conducted the first comprehensive study of the LGBT Automotive owner in the U.S.  We received 4,920 responses to the survey and the database compiled from the responses includes information on social media usage, media consumption and psychographics in addition to vehicle ownership and basic demographics.  Our initial report focused on LGBT new car buyers in the U.S. and gave a broad overview of that sub-segment of the market.  We will be publishing additional briefs sharing more insights focused around the vehicle brands.  The first “Brand Snapshot” will examine LBGT Toyota owners in the U.S.

To view and download the Brand Snapshot, click HERE

To learn more about the study or inquire about upcoming brand snapshots, email us at

Slide 1

First National Comprehensive LGBT Automotive Owners survey
Conducted in Spring 2009
3,402 respondents self-identified as LGBT
44 automotive brands represented
Weighted Average Age – 34
Median Age – 45
HHI – 30% over $100K
Gender Identity
71% male, 29% female, 1% transgendered
Education – 22% have post graduate degree
Social media usage:
71% use Facebook
18% use Twitter

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