Echo Booming: Faces – Kevin

Have you ever been reading one of Dan Sherman’s Echo Booming posts and wonder if the subjects of those “informal surveys” were even real?  Well, for the next few days, you’re going to meet some of the Echo Boomers that Dan interviews and get inside his or her brain.  The automotive industry puts millions of dollars into targeting this demographic and according to Dan ” epically misses”.Echo Booming at

For our first installment, we’ll start off with the man who gave Dan this idea.  Dan asked him for Echo Booming topic ideas, he replied, “Write one about me!”  Without further ado, the first Echo Booming: Faces –

1. What is your name?  How old are you?

  • Kevin McBride; 20

2. Announce yourself! School/major/occupation?

  • SUNY Stony Brook/Math and Philosophy/Accounting and Catering

3. Where are you from?

  • East Setauket, NY…it’s on the north shore of Long Island

4. What do you drive?

  • 2010 VW GTI 6MT FTW!

5. Can you drive stick?

  • Am I a man?  Of course!

6. Scale from 1-5, how car-educated do you consider yourself?

  • 4.5

7. Are you loyal to a specific brand?  If so, which?

  • Foreign>domestic.  I’m not exactly a fanboy, but I do like VW, Toyota and Honda.

8. When do you plan to buy your next car?  New or used?  How many G’s will you drop?

  • Dude I just bought a new car, one step at a time!  I’m definitely done with used cars after my 1991 Toyota MR2 blew up a month after purchase.  Probably I’ll replace it in 5 years with another new car for about $20-35K
  1. 9. What’re your three most important purchase reasons for your next vehicle?
  • Stickshift fun, value for $, and brand image.

10. Describe your ideal next car (be reasonable!).

  • Manual, fast, RWD or AWD, and $20-35K new.
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