Echo Booming: Faces – Peter

In an effort to put some faces to the Echo Boomer generation, we’ve asked our intern Dan Sherman to interview his peers with a standard set of questions.  The second installment of Echo Booming: Faces is Dan’s freshman roommate:

1. What is your name?  How old are you?

  • Peter Park; 21

2. Announce yourself! School/major/occupation?

  • Emory University/Philosophy/Full-time student.

3. Where are you from?

  • Philllllly!

4. What do you drive?

  • A black 2006 Mercedes-Benz C230 named Chassity.  People always give me crap for that.

5. Can you drive stick?

  • Yup

6. Scale from 1-5, how car-educated do you consider yourself?

  • 3

7. Are you loyal to a specific brand?  If so, which?

  • I favor some brands over others, but I’m not particularly loyal to any

8. When do you plan to buy your next car?  New or used?  How many G’s will you drop?

Whenever I can come up with the 35 grand for a new Nissan 370Z

9. What’re your three most important purchase reasons for your next vehicle?

  • Appearance, power, and affordability

10. Describe your ideal next car (be reasonable!).

  • 370Z is perfection.  Black on black.  All I need.
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One thought on “Echo Booming: Faces – Peter

  1. peter park says:

    dead sexy.

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