Echo Booming: Faces – Nicole

In an effort to put some faces to the Echo Boomer generation, we’ve asked our intern Dan Sherman to interview his peers with a standard set of questions.  The third installment of Echo Booming: Faces is all about Nicole.

What is your name?  How old are you?

  • Nicole Horoszko; 21

Announce yourself! School/major/occupation?

  • Emory University/Accounting/Full time student

Where are you from?

  • Pittsburgh, PA

What do you drive?

  • Cadillac SRX

Can you drive stick?

  • Nope

Scale from 1-5, how car-educated do you consider yourself?

  • 2

Are you loyal to a specific brand?  If so, which?

  • Not really, but I like what they like—Cadillac, Toyota, and Lexus.  I really want a Range Rover….

When do you plan to buy your next car?  New or used?  How many G’s will you drop?

  • New, for sure.  Whenever I have the funds to drop $30-45K.

What’re your three most important purchase reasons for your next vehicle?

  • Safety, reliability, and brand image

Describe your ideal next car (be reasonable!).

  • Mid-size sedan, V6, sleek and sporty looking, full of the latest technology, luxurious, and reliable brand name.  Lexus IS is probably the closest to ideal.
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