Tourism Organizations Should Teach Social Media to Boomers

By Peter Sorgenfrei

In a guest post for Access Tourism NZ on aging boomers and tourism I wrote the following last week:

Baby Boomers have, until recently been perceived to be slow on the uptake of social media. That is now quickly changing with men and women age 55 and older becoming the fastest growing group on Facebook.  In fact, Boomers are found frequenting Facebook and Twitter more than Gen Y (Deloitte, March 2010).

Recently I presented a vision to a tourism organization in North American as to how they could play a role in teaching Social Media to boomers. An initial reaction to this idea might be – why? Don’t they have other things to worry about?  The answer is yes, but here’s why I still think it’s a smart move.

Social Media lends itself well to the travel industry. You can research your destination, get consumer feedback (from your ‘trusted’ friends even), and  document your trip instantly with shared photos, videos, links, maps, etc. Pair this in with the idea that people fondly remember good teachers, and you have a great match.  Most companies focus on sales and marketing but fail to see that teaching is a great way to establish a loyal customers who will remember the help you once gave them.

Giving Boomers the tools to keep up with their kids and grand kids could create a strong bond between them and the travel agency, which inevitably would increase the number of visitors to their destination.

Get in touch if you are interested learning more about the presentation itself: @sorgenfreillc or

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