Communication – what’s your rock?

This weekend I was thinking about communication. Thinking about how incredibly difficult it is for us to keep it simple and to the point.

I was helping a friend who had prepared a presentation for a job interview. She had 37 pages in her deck and my instant reaction was it was too long, even before reading it. Once I had read it, I saw that she had many great points and maybe it was mostly a design issue. I also wrote a letter summarizing a business for another friend. In forcing myself to keep it to one page, I wondered if too much was going to be left out.

And then there were 33 miners in Chile who attached a note to a rock to tell the world they were okay. Seven words!

My point is: If you are in a crisis situation and/or under great time constraints, what will you say? How will you say it? At most of the meetings we attend, we are inundated with business materials that are too long and filled with information and content that could be left out to make the core message stronger. If we all thought about what our proverbial note on the rock should say, perhaps we would communicate more efficiently.

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