3 reasons your brand doesn’t have more Facebook fans

Are you a ‘fan’ of a company on Facebook who you thought would update you with not only promotional garb, but with captivating company facts, useful information about the industry, and engaging discussions? Only to find that this company doesn’t in fact want to engage you in conversation, reveal company information, or acquaint you with industry goings on, it just wants to sell.

You get it! You usually will have bought, be intending to buy or one day long to get your hands on a product from the company you’re following. Realizing that all you’re getting out of this painful Facebook relationship is an onslaught of incessant advertising, you part way’s, you delete them as a ‘connection’.

How do you feel about the company now? Probably slightly disenchanted. Even if your company loyalty isn’t damaged one bit by your social experience with them, they’ve missed a trick.

Ineffective communication strategy is sighted by Scott Meldrum, as one of three reasons as to why your brand doesn’t have more Facebook fans. Full Article.

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