Foursquare’s musical scavenger hunt

By Miriam Innes
I’m looking forward to the ‘I told you so moment’ when skeptical friends, who once mocked me for my religious foursquare check-ins get to witness me receiving a free drink, or an appetizer, or even concert tickets for my efforts.

Elvis Costello might be my chance for an ‘I told you so moment’. The release of his new album next month, he and his record label will take a decidedly social route, streaming both a live concert and offering a week of live album streaming.

Most excitingly, Elvis will also be teaming up with Foursquare to orchestrate a live scavenger hunt on the day of the album release. Full details are still to be announced.

For the most part, skeptics won’t care. Discounts, freebies and competitions have been a-plenty for a while now, therefor the ones who could be swayed by ‘free stuff’ are already swung. However, a few die-hard Elvis Costello fans who were once anti-foursquare, will hopefully see the light next month.

Read the full article from here.

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