Quoted in the New York Times

In an article in the New York Times yesterday dealing with how small businesses can appear larger I was quoted on my use of 37 Signals’ Highrise CRM tool:

Peter Sorgenfrei, founder of a product development consulting firm, Sorgenfrei in New York, uses a Web application called Highrise to keep track of his e-mail, so he knows when he last communicated with a client and what was said. Whenever Mr. Sorgenfrei sends an e-mail, a blind copy of the message is sent to his Highrise account, where it is archived. “I come across as completely buttoned-up and in-control,” he said, “because I have all the information, files and discussions in one place and can access them before talking to the client.”

Recently, when an automotive manufacturer he works with couldn’t find some legal documents it had sent him, Mr. Sorgenfrei located them in his Highrise archive. It took him just minutes to send the documents back to the client.

37 Signals makes a series of great products for small (and large) businesses. In addition to Highrise we also use their Basecamp for project management. Tools mentioned in the article by other entrepreneurs that we also use include Shoeboxed (for receipt management), Mailchimp (email campaigns), and here is a previous blog post where I talked about other tools: Tools of the trade: How to be a successful solopreneur

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