Meetings – What influences you?

I often have a preconceived notion of the outcome of meetings I walk into. It is based on the people in the meeting, the topic, the timing of the meeting (as it relates to the corporate cycle) and the ‘chatter’ and other meetings that let up to the one before me.

Sometimes I come out of a meeting and have a feeling of an unexpected turn. I am not talking drastically changes, although that happens, I’m referring to how that particular meeting influences you and your thinking in ways you did not anticipate or how you did not imagine the group of people or the individual in that particular meeting would influence you and your thinking.

It is a great feeling. And that regardless of whether your situation is improving or deteriorating.

Why is it a great feeling? Because you recognize that someone had a special impact on you and that makes you feel human.
Recently I have spent time with people who are really good influencers of improving human relationships. They have built businesses offering that service or they have risen to leadership positions in companies because their being is guided by moving people. What makes them ‘different’ I believe is three things: 1) a fundamental sense of serving each other (whether delivering good or bad news), 2) an inherent curiosity and intellectual capacity (external view and room to take it all in) and 3) preparation, preparation, preparation.

I aspire to be the one in meetings that when others walk back to their desks their heads are spinning and they are looking at the issues, the context and their opportunity/challenge in new ways because I was part of the discussion.

I better start preparing.

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