Going home

Traveling back home today from a short week on the road.

Obviously the most important thing on my mind is to see my wife and son and get to hug and kiss them both.

Airlines have long used that image in their commercials. The traveller (predominantly male in the depiction) arriving home and being greeted at the airport or his home by the family for hugs and kisses.

Yesterday I saw this ad from British Airways http://youtu.be/X1M0pbxNUF8 Where at the end the traveller is greater by his mother.

Researching it to write this post I realize it is part of a bigger campaign and the most ‘famous’ ad is the son traveling to India to surprise his mother.

Traveling to see family has been used before, but the play on traveling to see your mother somehow just fits the times, it fits the sense of respect BA is also communicating with ‘To Fly. To Serve’, and for males it adds a psychological dimension of pleasant duty.

Well done BA.


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