Making a plan and sticking to it

Making plans is something we are good at. Sticking to them is another story.

Most of us make plans to better ourselves typically around New Years. We plan to loose weight, read more books, call our parents more often, etc. come February we are back to our old ways.

Those however are not the plans I’m thinking of here. I’m considering the ‘simpler’ plans. To hang that curtain rod on Saturday, to pay the bills after work, to tackle the hardest job first tomorrow at work.

We breeze through (past) those ‘plans’ as well.

And we’ve been doing so for as long as we have been on the face of this planet.

But the one ‘plan’ that is really being blown and blown because of technology. Is the ‘meet a friend’ plan.

Why? Because of the cellphone and our ability to text saying sorry not going to make it at the last minute. And it is not because we do not want to see the friend, it is probably because we are ‘tired’, ‘stressed’, etc. from using technology all day.

That’s a shame. Technology is supposed to bring us closer together and this is yet another example of it doing the opposite.

Try this. Next time you think of cancelling on a friend last minute. Don’t. Lean in and make the catch-up even more personal. Tell them straight up how much they matter in your life – you will make their day. And you will feel great.


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