In an ever faster moving world precision has (at least for me) risen in importance.

Precision in communications for example. The clearer and complete (not long…) the information is in the email, the voicemail or text the easier it is to keep up with the pace.

I’m not talking about short. Many people make the mistake thinking that fast and short is better than a bit slower and complete. It is not. That only leads to follow-up questions or worse; misunderstandings.

By communicating precisely you allow the next person in the chain of events to communicate better – either back to you or to the next person.

Perhaps it is the indoctrination of the Toyota Production System that has me thinking this way. The idea is your colleague on the assembly line is really the customer of your work. If you consider your colleagues the customer you are more likely to do a complete job. In your documents, emails, voicemails and the like.

Precision in transportation is another. I recently moved to London and commute on an overground train. It runs like clockwork. That precision allows me to worry about one thing less and focus on the day ahead.

That is needed in a world where everything around you is moving faster and becoming more unpredictable.

Getting off track (pun intended). In your communications today – think about completeness in what you do. Not long. Just complete.


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