Taking a break

Breaks don’t have to be long or on a beach. Breaks have to be complete.

Before the weekend after 10 days of traveling internationally (and close to 10 weeks of weekly travel) and at probably the most ‘stressful’ time of the year I said to my wife: “Help me not to talk about work, check email or sit down in the office this weekend.”

Not surprisingly she concurred.

As a result I had a ‘complete’ break. We were busy with our son and house projects. We made great lunches and dinners and caught some Breaking Bad and Homeland.

For the first time in long time I came to the office yesterday with a clear head, clear outlook on what needed doing and a surplus of energy.

The world was still standing, my email inbox was still there, my colleagues had not abandoned our projects. Everything was fine…

The demands of global jobs and large clients require us to occasionally work and/or travel on the weekend. We want that since we want those jobs and that career.

I’m willing to bet that if we remind ourselves to have a ‘complete’ break on occasion we will be better at those jobs and have better careers.


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