Relative time

On a recent trip to South Korea (have to qualify these days since Rodman travels to North Korea so frequently….) I thought about relative time.

Whenever I am traveling across timezones, keeping track of what exact time a phone meeting is becomes challenging. Of course our calendars will say: 3pm or 11am and if you are lucky your device has adjusted to where you are and so you know roughly when the meeting is taking place in that time zone. It is not a technical issue (you could set timezones) but a mental issue.

I have found that my brain engages what I consider relative time. Rather than a little voice reminding me that I have a 3pm call it says: remember you have a call in 2 hours and 15 minutes (confirmed by the redline on the iPhone calendar). And so on short trips my routine becomes a relative routine:

  • I have x hours to get to this physical place, because then I have to be on a call or meet a someone in-person
  • Going to sleep now will allow me to feel refresh when I’m in x hours due to do xyz
  • And so on…

Does that happen to you or do you run a dual scheme of saying to yourself time here is X, so time at home is Y and thus my call/meeting is at Z pm?


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